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Monday, July 16, 2007

Shambo reprieved

Suddenly, Bob Dylan's lyrics have a new resonance.

If anybody fancies taking the lyrics of an iconic sixties protest song and rewriting them to celebrate the survival of a treasured bullock please have a go in the comments.
How many votes must be castaway,
Before Cardiff will listen?
Yes, 'n' how many AMs ever do listen,,
Before Whinge sleeps with Rhodri?
Yes, 'n' how many bullock's balls cannot fly by,
Before they're forever banned?
The answer my friend is TAN8 in the Wind!
The answer is TAN8 with the Wind!
It seems that it was a procedural cock-up that caused the judge to rule that the slaughter order was unlawful, not any judicial soft-heartedness.

What worries me is the mass carnage of wildlife which Mick Bates appeared to be advocating on Radio Wales today.

- Frank Little
I didn't hear Mick today but advocating 'mass carnage of wildlife' seesm a bit OTT even for Mick, and I doubt if that is quite what he was calling for.

Yes, he is in favour of culling badgers, but farmers will tell you they are responsible for the spread of TB which causes horrendous problems in rural areas. (Yes I know some will argue against that.)

To those of us on more rural areas they may seem to be just cute, cuddly, litle furry things, but Mick is a farmer and they have their livestock to protect.
Mick Bates is a major advocate of Wind turbines all over Wales. It is proven without doubt that Wind Turbine blades kill all kinds of birds and protected bats even rare White Tailed Sea Eagles. The carnage to the scenic terrain is unbelievable scarring of landscape and habitat AND the sobering FACT is that all the UK government targets for expensive subsidised Wind Energy will only reduce global CO2 emissions by 0.0004%. A farce! So yes Mick Bates AM does advocate mass carnage of wildlife indirectly and ignorantly. Perhps you Peter could invite Mick Bates AM to publicly explain how SIGNIFICANT a reduction of 0.0004% of CO2 will help alter rates of world global climate change if he is numerate.
Of course the last bit should have read to those of us in more urban areas! Apologies, must be overworked.
Although there are significant bird deaths in some countries such as Spain there is no evidence that a similar phenomenon occurs in the UK from wind farms, largely because EIAs tend to take migratory patterns into account when determining location.
Perhaps green man you could ask Mick yourself, sure he'd be delighted especially if you put it so politely.
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