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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oscar Wilde of the front bench?

Political commentators can be very fickle and there is no better illustration of that trend than the coverage of yesterday's Prime Minister's Question Time. For over a year these selfsame journalists have been talking Sir Menzies Campbell down, and then he tells one indifferent joke in the House of Commons and suddenly he is Oscar Wilde, the new Disraeli and David Lloyd George all rolled into one. Long may it continue.
LoL. It's all about narrative you see. Easy peasy....not
I think Brown will continue to be more conciliatory and make an effort to engage with Campbell at Question Time. This will change the dynamic and probably mean he gets a clearer hearing at QT.

The trap door line was very good though ;)
Given the awful state of affairs the Lib-Dems are in, one has to be glad when they find comfort in crumbs that fall off the master's table.
Am I the only one that is fed up with reading anonymous comments being posted here, day after day, proclaiming the "awful state of the Lib Dems" etc.

Far from being in an awful state we are regrouping, dusting ourselves down and looking to the future.

If its anyone finding comfort in crumbs off the masters table then it is Plaid who, in my personal opinion, have betrayed the electorate of Wales by campaigning on an anti-Labour ticket and then deciding to go into coalition with the very party that they managed to convince the thousands of voters that they were an alternative to.

If I had voted Plaid in the Assembly election I would be more than aggrieved at the moment.

- Richie Northcote
Yes Richie, it is getting quite boring. Unless these commentators have something original to say I will not be allowing any more of them to appear here.
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