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Monday, July 30, 2007

Obama Girl

A small look at the extraordinary use of YouTube by American politicians and their supporters. Coming soon to a computer near you Giuliani Girl and McCain Mama. Maybe we should do something similar in the UK.

It's a funny weird kind of thing ... but gizmos such as YouTube are not likely to have a big impact come voting day. Young voters are notorious for not voting, but are open to giving a few dollars over the Internet to their favourite/favorite politician. So YouTube will likely prove to be a good source of small donations and raising profile, but will not translate to votes on voting day, and "It's votes that count".
Maybe so but in American politics above all money helps to get votes and campaign funding regulations means that lots of small donations are particularly valued, so it is a worthwhile exercise.
I do agree that it is a worthwhile exercise for politicians who want to fund a high profile in the public eye. But come voting day ... 'It's votes that count'. I guess though this adage should be re-written as 'It's counted votes that count!'
I think you are missing the point here! Yes, its votes that count but its also hype and publicity(especially in the States) that create votes.

You are correct that the younger generation do not vote but you cannot discount the effect that the son or daughter has around the family dinner table on their parents when they start talking about the latest politicians frolics on You Tube. Maybe???
No doubt that Nice Mr Cameron is cooking something up with Miss Widdecombe at this very moment....

As for the UK are the Welsh Liberal Democtrats gonna be the first to use this and get the Cheeky Girls to do a song for your next election campaign in 2011

Maybe Black's Babes or Lembit's Lasses - What do you think?
"Maybe we should do something similar in the UK"

Two Words; Lembit Opik

the man's a political genius
Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats > American parents get to vote in private like in the UK – so parents for the sake of a peaceful life can tell their kids, ‘Yeah, we will vote DNA’, but in the voting booth vote ATP! The reality remains, 'It's votes that count!' To coin a (mutated) Margaret Thatcher line, 'U-Tube if u want to ... but its actual votes that count'
Also, I seem to recall that the voting figures were among the highest ever in the contest between Kerry and Bush, and Bush got re-elected. So it's not the number of votes, but who American voters vote for at the voting booth. I seem to recall a British national newspaper (perhaps the Guardian) that encouraged its readers, just prior to the Kerry-Bush election, to write to encourage American voters in one of the Midwest states to vote for Kerry-Edwards, I can't remember that having any real impact. Imho, a 'common-sense prediction' is in order here and it might go something like this, 'Come Hopeful Presidential candidates and put your case on national TV, YouTube and anywhere else you feel will help you win the election to become the next President of the United States, but it will be the poorer Americans in the southern states that will not vote for Hillary Clinton that will seal her fate, and not a clip on YouTube.'
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