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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life with Lembit

Today's Western Mail reports that Siân Lloyd is about a third of the way through writing her life story – provisionally called Sunshine and Showers. The paper speculates that the book will dish the dirt on her ex-fiancé, Lembit Öpik, though they offer no direct quote from Siân herself to confirm that.

One can almost hear numerous journalists salivating in expectation. I would hope that Siân herself has more class than to succumb to such a base temptation.
What could possibly be more damaging than what Lembit manages to get in the press with himself?
Why should she have to show more class when Lembit has been a media tart exploiting his "relationship" with cheeky girl to get as much day time chat show exposure as he can. He has shown no thought for Sian in doing this!
She does not 'have to show more class'. My point was that she 'has' more class than to stoop to this level.
Lembit Öpik might have cause for concern on hearing that Siân Lloyd is busy writing her life story, provisionally entitled ‘Sunshine and Flowers’. There is speculation that the book will dish the dirt on her ex-fiancé, Lembit Öpik.

However, far more ‘interesting’ would be Siân's recollections of what Lembit said about other Lib-Dem MPs, leaders, AMs, especially during the run up to replace Charles Kennedy.

If Siân offered light praise of Lembit in combination with such recollections this might cause a few headaches and might help boost sales of the book among Lib Dem supporters.
You're right in that Sian does have more class but are your comments in encouraging her not to divulge too much about Lembit as a result of other motives?
Mr Opik has shot himself. He has persisted with a media / celebrity obsession. Whilst I'd like the Lib Dems to hold that seat, he has lost it to the Tories already. The man has lost it completely. He is a total chump. There's no need for Ms Lloyd to dish dirt on him. He has committed political suicide himself. He neds to start clearing his desk now.
I think that is one of many premature judgements concerning the Welsh Liberal Democrats made since May 3rd all of which will prove to be way off beam.
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