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Sunday, July 15, 2007


I suppose that with all the defections and switching between parties going on in Ealing, the news that a former Conservative and Independent Councillor has joined the Welsh Liberal Democrats in Swansea will not make much of a mark.

However, it is worth noting that Sketty Councillor Huw Rees is no ordinary politician, he has a life. Huw is a former head of music in three secondary schools in Swansea and has been the Assistant Conductor at the Morriston Orpheus Choir for 34 years. He is also an accomplished actor and has appeared in Pobl y Cwm, Cowbois Ac Injans and Casualty.

The role that got everybody talking however was a brief cameo at the end of an episode in the recent series of Dr. Who. He played the elderly Tim Latimer in 'The family of blood', being honoured at a memorial service after having survived the First World War due to the insight he gained from his encounter with the Doctor. It certainly made me sit up. Now, how iconic is that?
Good old Huw!
I thought he was Plaid?
How easily politicans defect between all parties is a sign of how close all four parties in Wales, and the 3 UK wide parties, actually are. The Voters have no choice.
Beats Paul Potts anyday. Has anyone set up a facebook group yet?
Anon 6:06 I'm not so sure I agree with you recent Tory and Labour leaders have moved their parties position on so many things that they have left some members too far behind them and others saying if that is where we are going I would rather join the party that has always had that stance. Its not a new feature I come from a traditional union background but Michael Foot drove me to the SDP, the unilateralists in the Liberals drove me to the Tories and Maggies excesses post 1987 drove me back to the Lib Dems where I have been happy ever since.
Welcome as this news is, I'm always a little cautious when someone jumps from one political party to another. I've seen too many instances where they have either jumped back to where they came from or jumped on to another party.

That said, welcome to the club, Huw, and show me I'm wrong.
Not always. I 'jumped' 6 years ago and have no intention of going anywhere (much to the disappointment of some no doubt).
Let's not forget of course that former Lib Dem Councillor, Rene Kinzet is now leader of the tories in Swansea. Trouble is that those who know his always knew he was a tory. What's worrying that his own party didn't realise. I'm always suspicious when people jump ship - what are they hiding from? Or worse still what is their personal agenda!?
ponty evans said:"What's worrying that his own party didn't realise."

Indeed. So can anyone explain how Tony Blair became leader of the Labour Party when he admitted he was closer to Thatcherism than he was to Labour?
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