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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Homer the giant

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the Simpsons as much as the next person. And you have to admit that this little bit of vandalism is actually quite witty. Nevertheless, I do lament the way that we allow our heritage to be subverted by trans-Atlantic culture in this way, just to promote a movie.

Like the joint Wessex district manager for The Pagan Federation, Ann Bryn-Evans, I have to wonder how they got permission to do something so ridiculous. It is after all an area of scientific interest.

At the risk of offending somebody, I have always thought that Dorset has an other-worldliness about it, but even I am surprised at the assertion by the
landlord of the New Inn in Cerne Abbas that many local people will not know who Homer Simpson is. My estimation of the County and its inhabitants has increased tenfold.

Hat tip: Liberal England
The use of outrageous publicity stunts to advertize new movies came a cropper in Boston (Massachusetts, USA) in what became known as the 2007 Boston Mooninite scare where Boston cops wrongly interpreted some gadgets with wires coming out of them as possible improvised explosive devices (IEDs). If memory serves, many key roads were shut down causing considerable inconvenience and loss of economic activity.
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