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Friday, July 27, 2007

Enough already

The BBC report that the post-mortem on Shambo the bullock has revealed that it had lesions typical of TB. This means of course that it is possible that other animals in Skanda Vale may be infected:

In a statement on Friday, the assembly government said it was now considering what other action was necessary "to protect human and animal health in relation to the test results from other animals in the herd".

"Further samples have been taken for further laboratory investigations, including bacteriological culture - these results will not be available for several weeks," continued the statement.

........With regard to the rest of the herd, the spokesman said that during the annual test which occurred in June, three cattle came back inconclusive.

I can see this going on for some time. Will we get the same media circus if the Welsh Assembly Government determine that these three animals need to be put down as well? I think I need to have a lie down.
What this shows is that the Assembly needs access to faster testing for TB - such as, but not limited to, PCR tests specific for a TB genetic marker. Bacterial cultures take a while to grow, serology would be quicker too, but not as fast as PCR based testing.
Anonymous is right. Considering the financial costs to both farmers and taxpayers of bovine TB outbreaks, this technological upgrade would surely pay for itself.

It might also save some badgers, part of the Welsh environment which is also an earner.

- Frank Little
For some strange weird wacko reason the word "badger" and the phrase "moment of madness" seem to be related. Can't think y.
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