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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

End of the honeymoon

As one honeymoon ends, another begins. Today's Guardian reports on an ICM poll that suggests that David Cameron is losing his appeal to voters. It shows that he is no longer attracting new support to the party.

At the same time the poll 'suggests that the Brown bounce is gaining momentum: 21% of voters say their opinion of Gordon Brown has improved in the last month, against only 8% who say it has fallen. By contrast, Mr Cameron is in growing trouble: 21% of voters say their opinion of him has dropped since Mr Brown took over.'

Mr. Cameron is also attracting disquiet in his own constituency, so much so that even the Daily Mail is critical of his trip to Rwanda, whilst Witney residents struggle to overcome some very severe flooding. They tell us:

David Cameron is poised to fly home and face his critics following his decision to visit Rwanda while his constituents battle with flood chaos.

The Conservative leader will launch a direct appeal to his MPs for party loyalty and face down "backward-looking" opponents after coming under fire on several fronts during his two-day African trip.

Even Rwandan journalists asked Mr Cameron why he was in their country discussing aid when parts of his Witney constituency in Oxfordshire were "devastated by floods".

The ill-fated 8,000-mile round trip was made worse when he awoke yesterday to an attack from former Tory treasurer and one-time party donor Lord Kalms.

The peer complained in a newspaper interview that he was "disillusioned" with Mr Cameron's abandoning of Right-wing issues and warned that the party was enduring a "summer of discontent".

The storm clouds really are gathering for the Tory leader.
yes, and isn't it fun to watch!

wonder though what the so-called 'liberal' Tories will do when he's been Duncan-Smithed?
Cameron had a noticeably rowdier reception at Prime Minister's Questions today than heretofore. There wasn't a great deal of support from his own side, either.

The honeymoon is over.

- Frank Little
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