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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Caring for Carers

Welsh Liberal Democrats are leading a very important debate in the chamber this afternoon, calling for the statutory recognition of carers' rights. In particular we want the government to place a duty on the NHS to consider the welfare of carers, to give them the right to receive information and to give then the right to access respite care.

Astonishingly there is not a single Plaid Cymru AM in the chamber. The ink is barely dry on the One Wales document and Labour are already being left alone to defend the Government's record. One Wales, but only as long as the going remains good.

Having spoken so passionately earlier about the role of opposition being to hold the Government to account, Ieuan Wyn Jones seems to have responded to such an initiative by an opposition party by leading his members out of the chamber. I am sure that the many carers who were reassured of the support of Plaid Cymru before the election will have taken note.

What will be interesting is whether Plaid supports the motion, which was incorporated in the All Wales Agreement they helped to negotiate a few weeks ago.

Update: They drifted back in ones and twos during the second half of the debate and Helen Mary Jones even spoke.

Update 2: Plaid voted with the government to kick the guts of our motion out but both they and Labour needed the bell to get all their members into the chamber.
A little bitter and twisted Peter?
Not at all - effective scrutiny!
They briefly went outside for a photocall, for the first photo as the coalition group. I doubt that they will make a habit of it so am surprised that you made such a fuss, Peter.

If you want to be an effective opposition party as the Assembly needs you to be, then I suggest that you sort yourselves out over the Summer and try to regain some of the credibility that you have lost in recent weeks.
It was a very long photocall Ioan and no excuse for abandoning such a substantial issue. I think you will find that we are sorted out and very disciplined in the chamber.
"Bitter and twisted" - is that the official Plaid line now in response to anything we say?

I've heard it for the last 6 years, gets a bit jaded after a while, but then imagination and original thought never has been their strong point.
I'll not get involved in the bickering above, but this does raise the question of attendance of AMs during debates etc.

I think its terrible that FMQs often starts with a large number of AMs not present, and many drifting in and out during the proceedings. That sort of behaviour would never float during PMQs in the Commons, so why in the Senedd? It makes the whole concept of Welsh governance look stupid if elected representatives can't be bothered to turn up on time for the most important session of the week.
Most important session of the week? Hardly. You're confusing live television coverage with importance. It goes with the mentality that places a photocall above debate on the rights of carers.

- Frank Little
Oh, so the Lib Dems rise above media opportunities at historical political moments, do they? I always enjoy watching you lot claiming the moral high ground.

As far as accusing you of being 'bitter and twisted' Karen, it's interesting to note that only you lot were complaining. There were no complaints from the other parties or from journalists, who were all a little more understanding of the situation.
Very touchy, shame you dont have the courage to say who you are.

If the Welsh Lib Dems go in for photo opportunities we ensure that they do not clash with important business.

As for complaints, if you read the record of proceedings you will note that the Tories also mentioned Plaid's absence.
" think you will find that we are sorted out and very disciplined in the chamber."

So zoning out to blog a bit more is allowed then.

How multitask of you Peter!
Everybody multi-tasks in the Chamber whether it is surfing the net, looking at e-mails or catching up on correspondence. What is your point?
"Plaid voted with the government"

I thought Plaid were the government.
To be honest it just shows how Carers are viewed by ANY politician. We (Carers) aren't there to be used to score points OR be exploited (Carers Allowance is set disgracfullly low and lets not even mention the overlapping benefit rule)

A photo call takes precidence over Carers? Not surprising, as a Carer myself, who runs a highly successful internet support group for Carers (www.ukcarers.org.uk, though you might be more interested in the message board) I'd like to say GROW UP!!! When you all have done that then come and talk to Carers, not the main Carer charities but ACTUAL Carers, there's real misery and hardship happening and all you can do is squabble?
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