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Friday, July 27, 2007

Back to earth with a bump

Those Tories, journalists and commentators who have been talking up Glyn Davies' chance of winning Montgomery at the next General Election must have come down to earth with a bump last night.

A Council by-election for the Welshpool Gungrog ward of Powys County Council saw the Welsh Liberal Democrats retain the seat with 41% of the vote. The Conservative candidate came fourth out of four with 95 votes, losing over 12% vote share in the process.

They really will have to do better than that.
The erstwhile Conservative MP was in fact second. If the tories cannot even unite sufficiently to include their previous MP they have no chance.
They've misunderestimated the electoral damge of the grammar school row, and been rumbled by scores of new Tory voters who really - briefly - believed the 'vote blue go green' nonsense.

Neither Blair nor Cameron are truly 'of' their parties, but Blair could at least lead his. The Tory right is too big, too greedy, too ranting even to keep quiet.

If only we could re-run the May elections today ...
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