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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All this and the price of cheese

BBC Wales reports this morning that a milk shortage is pushing up the price of cheese in local supermarkets.

In America the situation is critical. Over there, the price of cheddar has doubled, whilst mozarella has risen in price even higher. This is having an impact on the cost of pizza, 350 slices of which are consumed in the USA every second.

Now that is serious.

What will Homer Simpson do?
From Wales, but live in the USA - had a nice pizza from Target the other day, can't say that the price seemed much different. The dairy farms west of Washington DC can easily meet local demand. Milk prices don't seem to be rocketing - I guess this is a dull news reporting day.
... and CiCi's do a great all-you-can-eat buffet for just a few dollars (less than five UK pounds), includes all-you-can-eat pizza (all types of toppings), salad, and desert!

Y r u not reporting the BBC scandals (re: phone-in prizes)?
That is because I am not a news site.
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