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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Acting up

The BBC report that Ieuan Wyn Jones will be appointed by the Queen as Deputy First Minister tomorrow and will immediately take over as Acting First Minister until Rhodri Morgan has recovered sufficiently to resume his duties.

This will bring Plaid Cymru into government and leave the issue of PO and DPO to be resolved. Standing Orders however, say that any motion to keep the existing appointees does not have to be taken until the next Plenary meeting. This means that, unless the Government decide to do it straight away, we will not resolve this matter until September.

There is no clue yet as to the appointment of Ministers but I would expect that to wait until the First Minister is back at work. In the meantime I join others in sending my best wishes to Rhodri Morgan and hoping for a speedy recovery.
Surely Peter you must be aware that the word in the Bay is that there will be 3 Plaid Ministers and possibly one Deputy Minister!?
It's interesting that for the first time, possibly ever, that there is a Nationalist at the helm in Wales and Scotland simultaenously!?
Yes I am aware of that but it has not been confirmed nor have we been told who the Ministers will be and what their portfolios will be.
Well - let's first be magnanimous in wishing Rhodri Morgan a speedy return to full health and public life. Come back soon Rhodri. All those in agreement say “aye”. Aye!
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