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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Weather vane

When things get tense the British way is to talk about the weather so I am going to put aside the discussion of coalitions for now and refer to this article in today's Western Mail about one of the consequences of global warming.

The Met Office has predicted that we could see a month’s rainfall over the next two days as the hot humid air bursts into a torrential downpour. North and Mid Wales are likely to be hit the hardest but the entire Welsh coastline may be affected:

Average rainfall for June is around 86mm and forecasters say towns like Wrexham, Rhyl, Llandudno and Aberystwyth could be hit by flooding once the heavens open.

Is this the paradise that Rhodri Morgan predicted we would benefit from as a result of climate change?
Lets face facts, people aren't interested in Global Warming, I think this is displayed in Rhodri Morgan's moronic comments that Global Warming could be good for Wales! he could be right, imagine Aberafan beach packed with tourists, NPTCBC has spent enough money on the Beach and the Afan Lido!

The other thing that could and is highly likely to happen is the North Atlanic Conveyor could be turned off, for those who dont know the NAC is the stream of warm water brought up from the tropics to the north atlantic, which warms up the British Islands, if this didn't happen Wales would be as cold as Moscow in the middle of winter!
"... if this didn't happen Wales would be as cold as Moscow in the middle of winter!"

So cod fishing will restart? They like cold seas.

Wales with its mountains could become a huge winter resort. Given that manufacturing in Wales is declining, Aspen Wales seems a good alternative.

Maybe Rhodri has a point after all?
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