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Friday, June 15, 2007

Triple lock revisited

The coalition bandwagon rolls on with cracks now starting to show in the Labour Party's facade. On Dragon's Eye last night a number of Caerphilly Labour Councillors expressed their deep disquiet at the prospect of getting into bed with Plaid Cymru.

Rather bizarrely, an interview with Rhodri Morgan immediately afterwards had him effectively saying that if he must bring Plaid into government then he will, but he would rather cuddle up to the Welsh Liberal Democrats instead.

In this morning's Western Mail Martin Shipton has got hold of some renegade e-mails in which Labour's Lynne Neagle expresses her own reservations. She is pressing the Labour leadership to re-open talks with the Welsh Liberal Democrats and even indicates that some movement would be possible towards introducing STV in local government.

For the record I do not know how the Welsh Liberal Democrats would react to such approaches. Clearly, there is a conference mandate to pursue a rainbow coalition but if that were to fall by the wayside on Saturday as a result of Plaid Cymru's Executive then there is nothing to stop Mike German coming back to the Welsh Liberal Democrat NEC with a request that they sanction talks with Rhodri Morgan.

Whatever the outcome of such talks they would have to be endorsed by the now-notorious triple-lock process and another special conference. My guess is that there would be quite ferocious resistance to a deal with Labour, but I cannot predict what the final vote would be.
Not exactly the most insightful of posts.
It woulld be political suicide for the Liberal Democrats to join with Labour now. The fiasco after the election left the electorate asking if there is need for the party. They cannot afford to get close to New Labour at this stage.
"quite ferocious resistance to a deal with Labour," not like you to understate things in such a way Peter.
Peter, wouldn't that make the lib dems 3rd choice? Next it would be Trish law (4th) and in Firsth place the Conservatives!

Rhodri reeks of desperation, the lib dems would be proping up a lame duck labour party.

Karen would it be political suicide for you in RCT?

Come to think of it weren't you a plaid cymru councillor?
It's a fact that the Lib-Dems don't have a message that garners support among the general Welsh population.
Possible Glen, but that is not the source of my objection. As I have stated previously Labour have ruined this area, are arrogant, take the people totally for granted, and do not deserve to be propped up in power.

Oh and yes I am a former Plaid Councillor, left them in 2001.
Lynne Neagle, Huw Lewis' wife?
Have the valleys got a rebel family trying to scupper Welsh politics?

As always in such things the small minority opposed to an idea make far more noise than the majority in favour. The vast majority of active Labour members want to see a centre left government and the Tories kept in the position the bulk of people of Wales want them in which is opposition.

This whole Labour divide line is being played up by selective interviewing by the BBC and Western Mail. How many labour interviews have you seen from constituencies in Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport, Swansea or Wrexham yet? Those of us wanting this alliance have the numbers. Let's see if at any point the BBC want to talk to any of us.
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