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Friday, June 29, 2007

Resistance is futile

The Western Mail covers a number of elements in Welsh political life who are determined to stoke up opposition to the Red-Green Coalition.

First off is Ron Davies, who presumably never envisaged such a pairing when he first put together the 1998 Government of Wales Act. Ron tells us that Plaid Cymru has been “stitched up” by Labour in agreeing to the One Wales coalition document:

He said, “If you look at the wording of the document, there is no firm commitment to hold a referendum on full lawmaking powers for the Assembly. There is a get-out clause which allows the referendum to be delayed if it is thought it could be lost.”

This is not a view taken by Adam Price, who is positively triumphalist in his blog posting. I have put a comment there responding to some of his more trenchant criticisms.

Meanwhile, some of the Labour dissenters have a beef of their own - the coalition document was altered after the Labour Assembly Group and National Executive agreed it. Labour still have a lot to teach all of us about machiavellian politics.
Peter - the machinations at the top of both Plaid and Labour leave a lot to be desired. See my latest post for details of 'spin' from Rodri's army of advisors that make Al Campbell proud...
Your comment is there Peter? Sour grapes maybe? You and Kirsty for the sake of your own leadership ambitions have effectivly negotiated the Lib Dems to a position of political oblivion. Not in governmnet, not the official opposition, an inability to effectivly work as an opposition give the Red-Green majority.
A touch of bitterness perhaps?

Apparently its back (your comment on Adam's blog)
There is no bitterness, no sour grapes and no leadership ambitions. I have amended the blog entry to take account of the fact that the comment is in fact there. Clearly my computer had its own internal difficulties.

Oh yes, dont write us off yet. Or on second thoughts carry on. We are far from oblivion yet and we have no intention of going there.
Peter, that last link doesn't seem to be working
I have corrected it now, thanks. Bloody Western Mail website keeps throwing in extraneous words into its html.
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