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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The 'nasty party'

The former Welsh Conservative Chairman, Sir Eric Howells, goes into print this morning to hit back at his former party for their lack of gratitude.

Sir Eric was thrown out of the Tories for two years after he complained that his local association had been “gatecrashed” by anti-hunt protesters and suggested in a TV interview that an Independent Conservative candidate could stand and would receive widespread backing:

In a letter to the Western Mail, Sir Eric said, “[There was] no ‘thank you very much’ for what I had done for the party over the years. The only reference to my contribution was ‘it is with particular regret that the panel made the decision as it recognises your past service to the party’. Big Brother has taken over from central office. The party chairman Theresa May, when addressing the party conference a few years ago, referred to the Conservative Party as the nasty party. My experience confirms that as a very true statement.”

His views have been noted.
I agree that everyone should be shown appreciation. Many people today tend to be too busy to spend time reflecting on showing their appreciation to others, as well as kindnesses.

I am currently studying for a PR postgraduate diploma and have chosen to write a research paper on MPs blogging. I would be very grateful if you would complete a survey I will be issuing shortly, would that be ok?
From my experience, the Tory Party are awful to anyone who stands up for what they believe in, and who have an opinion of their own.

They are dreadful to their own party members in particular.
The link in the story looks like it's wrong as it doesn't go direct to the relevant story on the newspaper's website.
I think the issue of the freedom of speech is bad enougn. My question what about the Welsh Conservatives? Why was this decision made by London?
And not by the Welsh Conservatives.

Begs the question is Nick Bourne leader of the Welsh Conservatives?

Or is he answerable to Big D?
Link now corrected Mark. It seems to be a problem with the website concerned that insists on added 'amp;' after each @.

Ellee, even though I am not an MP e-mail the survey to me at peter.black at wales.gov.uk if you wish to pursue that line.
Peter, thank you for your kind support, and for your letter. I am considering refining the survey so it focuses on Westminster. Maybe I can return to the Welsh Assembly another time.
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