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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Making laws

The First Minister is going to be coming to Plenary today with an initial list of the new Welsh laws his minority government want to pass. Unfortunately, they have not consulted the other three parties as to what is on that list.

If they were still in a majority then I would not expect Labour to initiate such a consultation. After all it is not traditionally how majority Labour Administrations operate. However, this government is meant to be part of a 'left-of-centre consensus' and we were promised by the First Minister that he would be doing things differently from now on.

The Business Minister told Radio Wales this morning that Labour would be consulting the opposition parties on the details of the legislation once the programme had been published. That is hardly sufficient. Perhaps Labour have accepted that a rainbow government is an inevitability after all and they are past caring. I don't know but it looks that way from where I am sitting.

Is it any wonder that Ieuan Wyn Jones is hinting at a takeover within the next six weeks? At this rate he will not even have to manufacture an excuse.
I've commented about this post on my blog:

I understand the point that you make about pre-consultation, but I'm not convinced that this would have been the best thing to do from either Labour's point of view or the opposition's.

If a "back room deal" had been done beforehand how would we know what bad policies had been blocked by the opposition, what mediocre policies had been improved and indeed what good policies had been wrecked or rejected?

By the government putting its package forward in this way, won't the electorate be better able to decide who to credit and who to blame for any changes in the government's programme?
I agree with both of the above comments by Normal Mouth and Alwyn ap Huw. It is much better for the general public to understand who contributed to what policy idea/area at this stage - it may even make their minds clear as to who they should vote for in the future after last month's political excitement.
P.S. Now that you are a member of the Assembly Commission, is there any chance of placing some decent art in the Committee Rooms and around the Assembly offices - perhaps even a tapestry in the Committee Rooms based on welsh history?

It's nice to know that I raise the important issues :-D

P.P.S Noticed today that Nerys Evans AM was moving her chair in order to get a better camera shot behind Ieuan - she must be worried that Bethan 'Baby of the House' Jenkins is getting all the limelight.
Christopher Glamorgan, did you say you were donating them?
I have always tried my best to smuggle my artwork into the Assembly, unfortunately, Security always manage to confiscate the hammer and nails that I was going to use to put them up.

P.S. There are hundreds (if not thousands) in store in the National Museum etc, and much better than my own.
You can't be suggesting our National Treasures should be hung in the Assembly??

The opposition parties have done nothing but attack. attack and attack. Threat after threat - even on the day the Queen opened the Assembly. This is a two way street and the aggression has got to stop. It is playing very badly. My non political mates are absolutely sick of it and want the 'rainbow' to back off and let the government we have to get on with it. Maybe a few less threats and a few more positive contributions will allow Labour to establish an effective relationship with the non Tory majority. I think you are part of that. See what you can do.
My influence Patriot is greatly diminished however whilst we have this government I am prepared to work with ministers to ensure that measures are sensible and acceptable. What others do is a matter for them. If this government is overthrown then I will work with the new ministers on the same basis.
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