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Saturday, June 02, 2007


Oh, for the joys of new technology. The Assembly intranet site has been down for a week, meaning that I cannot access the agenda for next week's Plenary other than through the main internet and am barred from a whole host of other information and forms I need to do my job as an Assembly Member. The idea that the process of separating Executive and Parliament should be painless has obviously fallen down already.

In addition to that my Assembly e-mail account has been bombarded with over 2,000 messages overnight telling me that e-mails I did not send could not be delivered, and these messages are still arriving as I type.

Finally, I find that I cannot access my internet banking service and have been told that it is a problem affecting all the clearing banks. How? Do they all use the same computer? Something is wrong with that explanation but I do not have the knowledge to question it properly.

Luckily, we do not rely on this new technology to conduct our everyday lives or I might well have taken action of a Luddite nature by now.

Postscript: If I were a conspiracy theorist then I might consider that all the above events were linked and that the arrest of Robert Alan Soloway also had something to do with it. Fortunately, I am not that person.
How can you have a "seamless separation"?
An excellent point. I have now corrected this example of pedestrian prose.
"So much for the seamless operation of separating of Executive and Parliament." Looks a bit suspect too!
OK, OK, I have had another go! :-(
After your party's handling of the IT contract in Swansea, I respectfully suggest that taking the moral high ground on this issue is not altogether justified.
And I would respectfully suggest Ian that you stop believing your own propaganda.

In any case I was not taking the moral high ground, just musing about events. Isnt it about time you got a sense of humour?
The arrest of Soloway has done nothing to stem the flow of spam and 419s to my personal email accounts.

- Frank Little

There isn't much humour to be found in a Council outsourcing a service, then making a mess of it and blaming it on the officers when they came unstuck.

As I said Ian, you should stop believing your own propaganda.
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