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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Keeping their options open

Honestly, I go out to help a friend celebrate their birthday only to return to find people expecting me to be at my computer live-blogging the outcome of the Plaid Cymru Executive meeting. It is not as if the Party of Wales made any surprise decisions. In fact the outcome of the meeting was entirely predictable.

What is not so easy to foresee are the consequences of their decision for Wales and the reaction of the other parties. For the Welsh Liberal Democrats' part I refer readers to yesterday's post.
Don't worry Peter, chill out and relax the rest of the weekend.
I can quite understand if Plaid Cymru is reluncant to team up with a party that has a leader more interested in asteroids than the concerns of the ordinary man in the street.
Actually I think they are more reluctant to team up with the Tories if recent pronouncements are anything to go by.
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