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Friday, June 08, 2007

In the pink

Fans of Big Brother may already be familiar with the concept. Pink is the new black, as is illustrated by the launch of Fly Pink, a "boutique airline designed especially for women" which plans to operate from Liverpool's John Lennon airport.

The airline will offer flights to Paris for "shopping breaks" in customised pink planes, and, to complete the experience, will also provide pink champagne and complementary manicures before take-off.

The Guardian tells us that it is now possible for women to experience their entire day in pink. You can work out with a pink yoga mat and weights; adorn your windscreen wipers with pink wiper wings; cook dinner on a pink George Foreman grill and style your hair with hot-pink hair straighteners. You can even see off would-be attackers with a powder-pink Taser gun.

It seems that the world is being redesigned to accomodate the Big Brother twins. If they are lost for something to do when they leave the house they can always apply to work for Fly Pink.
Talking of Big Brother, I could have sworn that the blonde who has been thrown out for using racist language was the same one who was "outed" by Guido Fawkes as a Cameroonie at the start of the series.

But I have just checked www.order-order.com and can find no sign of the bimbo. Was I mistaken?

- Frank Little
That's what I like about this blog. Day after day Peter will raise interesting blogs (I don't agree with them all mind!), then all of a sudden bang off on a tangent. LOL

This made me smile!
No Frank she was the one!
No you we're not mistaken here's the link Guido
What sort of woman would want to do that?
WHOA! View from the Glen, not for the first time, i see myself in agreement with you.

Oh by the way, were you making amends on our blog earlier today and possibly hinting at an unofficial ceasefire, and a closer working relationship, between Plaid and Lib Dem activists or did I completely miss the point and your intent was merely a smokescreen - or more to the point a chance to score political capital out of assisting the Liberal Democrats in a local Issue?

- Richie Northcote
Ah, Pink. No need to put that down on my list of wants to Rhodri.
hey fellas equal opps , how about getting Rhoose CWL to do a blue one just for you
woops too tory may be, ok make it rainbow lol

I don't live in that community. however, if there is the chance for the community to work together then there is no need to bring politics into it.

Good luck with Arriva.
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