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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Idle chitchat

One of the things that Bethan and Leanne missed out on today was the opportunity to spend some time with their fellow AMs in a social situation and find out some interesting facts about them. Here are three examples, suitably anonymised:

1. Which AM told me that he did not write his own blog and had only realised a few days ago that he has one?

2. Which AM was once arrested for trying to strangle Sir Keith Joseph?

3. Which AM has an ancestor who is recognised as a saint by the Catholic Church?

My lips are sealed.

Update: Nobody has come close with the second two and my lips are still sealed. The saint in question by the way was Richard Gwyn.
Oh go on, you know you won't be able to resist telling someone.

1) No, it can't be Leighton Andrews - how could he? lol

2) Must be a Plaid Cymru member trying to build up their profile by bragging - could be anyone.

3) If David Davies was still an AM, I'd say it was him as he claims to be descended from most famous Welsh people.

Come on Peter, your lips can't be sealed for long
1. Peter Black.

2. Alun Cairns, on a step ladder.

3. Mohammed Ashgar.
Carwyn Jones

Edwina Hart

Trish Law
1. Carwyn's blog is the most impersonal of the AM blogs, it must be his.

2 Wasn't Keith Joseph something to do with Coal mines at one time? A leftist Labour AM then. Leighton Andrews

3 All the Welsh Catholic Saints of the past 400 years have been unmarried, so this must be an AM with an English background. Darren Millar
These are just guesses:

1. Jenny Randerson

2. David Melding

3. Rhodri Morgan
I bet Leanne and Bethan are really kicking themselves that they missed out on such fascinating discussions.
1) Huw Lewis
2) Huw Lewis
3) Huw Lewis
ok Peter here goes

1st Leigton Andrews

2nd Mick Bates

3rd Jocelyn Davies
3 is Eleanor as she has talked about having an ancestor hanged in the Beast Market in Wrexham numerous times before.
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