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Monday, June 25, 2007

Enough already!

The Press Association are reporting that the Plaid Cymru group meeting to decide whether to go into coalition with Labour or stick with the Rainbow has been postponed until Wednesday. Apparently it has been delayed to await the outcome of a meeting of Labour's Welsh executive tomorrow night.

Whether Plaid are hoping for more concessions or they just want to be sure that they have Labour on the hook, leaving Rhodri with no chance of re-opening talks with the Welsh Liberal Democrats, I do not know. Either way could they please just get on with it? Please!
Everyone is saying "please". To we outsiders it loks as if no significant work will be done in the National Assembly until after the summer recess - which means that 10% of the third Assembly will already have passed before it gets going. Damage is being done to the public image of devolution.
Quite right, Peter. Surely that must be day ten of the 7 to 10 days.

I think we've all aged dramatically since May. I'll have to start using 'Just for Men' if they keep this up.

You have known for weeks that July 7th was the final deadline. I was a Plaid member who supported the rainbow and would have voted for it at the June National Council, as Labour had offered us nothing at that time.

However, the Lib Dems ineptitude gave Rhodri enough of a breathing space to offer something more tangible and I will probably now be voting for the red/green option next month. My main concern along with many in Plaid is not actually working with the Tories on a fixed programme but trusting the Lib Dems.

This is I believe the main factor for changing the votes of at least three Plaid AMs; making the red/green option favourite within the group. I regret the missed oppoortunity that was scuppered by the Libs, as working you your party would I believe have been achievable, as we could have turned around and pointed to no reasonable alternative at the time; timed with fast-tracking some of the more radical policies to show that there was a real alternative to Labour in Wales.

Sadly, I now suspect that the opportunity has gone and the Libs are to blame.
Here we go again! Anonymous Plaid members afraid to take responsibility for their own decisions and seeking to blame others for changing their mind. You all know very well that the Welsh Liberal Democrats are a democratic party whose members respect the decision of their conference and will abide by it. We have also worked within government and demonstrated that we have the discipline to do so. These excuses are really quite pathetic.
Hands up who hates the Liberal Democrats?
They put us through all this.
It could have been decided weeks ago.

Whatever the outcome of these discussions, there will be public lynching if as much a one Lib/Dem tries to wreck a government in Wales again.
What is the point of them????
So that is the level of debate that PLaid Cymru have stooped to nowadays - name-calling.

There is a real point to being a Liberal Democrat but as we have never gone in for government-wrecking the rest of your comment is meaningless.
I sense more than a few Plaid cages rattled.
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