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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Whilst two of our more Republican Assembly Members were visiting homeless projects in Swansea, the rest of us were in Cardif to see the Queen. As they were obviously feeling a bit vulnerable Leanne and Bethan had lined up a whole host of celebrities to validate their position. These included Benjamin Zephaniah, Polly Toynbee, Peter Tatchell and Claire Raynor. All of them are entitled to their point of view and to express their republicanism in a way that they believe is appropriate.

I am also a republican but I believe in upholding the constitution no matter how flawed it might be, so I came to the Assembly and even shook the Queen's hand. I believe that is common courtesy but I am not going to judge others for their actions. In this instance, that is not my place.

Although the Western Mail went big on this issue and it has also featured on various blogs as well the more important news was the determination by a committee of MPs as to how many Orders in Council they believe can be processed in a year.

I heard this on the television news this morning and have not been able to find a link to the item, but the gist is that we are expected to ask for no more than four or five orders each year and it is likely to take between three and six months to process each one. Given that an order in Council could be as short as 30 words this seems a bit excessive and a severe restriction on the operation of the Assembly. Yet another way of keeping the Welsh in check perhaps.
"upholding the constitution"? - you really are a liberal, aren't you?
I am hoping to start up a campaign to raise awareness into homelessness. I live near Swansea City centre and nearly every day I see homeless people. This is an issue that I am passionate about and I am sure that you are also passionate about. I wish to spread awareness across the schools, universities and within the local communities. I believe that Britain is a charitable nation. After having seen the overwhelming reaction to the Earthquake in Haiti. Well I am hoping for a campaign that will generate this kind of response. People seemed to have overlooked this issue for some reason. Some people even explain it away. It would be a shame that a nation that gives generously to Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, RSPCA, Childlike and Cancer Research would overlook such a pressing issue such as homelessness. I'm hoping that if all these organisations join forces, we can have a huge impact.
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