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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Behind the scenes

In the Assembly talks are going on behind closed doors. Labour AMs are far more relaxed after the traumas of last week, whilst Plaid members are walking around looking serious and tight-lipped.

Even the Western Mail cannot find a new angle on the negotiations to form the next Government of Wales. A search of their columns finds only the letters page still focussing on this issue.

Star letter is from Gareth Williams of Ystrad Mynach who tells us that as an active Labour Party member and an officer of the Caerphilly constituency he will be walking away and doing something else if rank and file members such as himself are 'expected to support this proposed immoral coalition' with Plaid Cymru.

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Group met last night and agreed to wait a bit longer so as to allow Plaid Cymru to make up their minds. We were united however in agreeing that Mike German should approach Rhodri Morgan if the so-called rainbow coalition ceased to be an option. An urgent National Executive meeting will be called to endorse this action if necessary.

Yesterday Labour's Jeff Cuthbert stood up in the chamber and made reference to an event that took place a week before the Assembly election. For some reason it felt like a year ago, not the seven or eight weeks it actually was.
Peter, we're all exhausted from the various options and talk of coalition. Labour-Plaid coalition aside, my thoughts are with Rosemary Butler... How can one woman have so much bad luck?

Seriously? Mike should approach Rhodri? That doesn't make us look desperate for Government at any price! The time for that has been and gone, surely?
Cwoarr! Someone's changed their tune. What happened to opposition at any price?
Could I refer the honourable gentleman to the earlier post entitled 'civil war or hype'.
Once Plaid pull the plug on the rainbow it will be too late. The deal with Labour will have been done only awaiting rubberstamping at the respective Conferences / Councils.
Oh, God - not another special conference in the pipeline??

I'm a self-confessed political anorak, and even I'm bored by it all now. For God's sake, will somebody (anybody) form a stable government, please?

For me to be prepared to contemplate a Labour deal, we would need to get that agreement on PR for local government. Perhaps this is more palatable with the Labour Party in Westminster than a deal with the nationalists?

We would be in a much stronger negotiating position than we were previously - Labour would sell their grannies into slavery to hang onto power at the moment.

But would a deal with Labour, no matter how good, get through a WLD special conference? I'm not convinced it would.
Haven't the Lib Dems split again?
It appears not. You may be confusing us with Labour and Plaid, however most of us would prefer to categorise such activity as healthy debate.
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