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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Watching the watchers

This fascinating website appeared on one of the few forums I participate in. It is based on the premise that the FBI have introduced a 'non-intrusive method' of tracking internet surfing. They say you will not notice anything different.

Putting aside this attempt at satire, one must recognise that there is a very real problem with internet repression around the World. Amnesty International has just launched a site to try and tackle this issue. They are urging web users to take action on behalf of individuals persecuted and imprisoned for expressing their opinions online. They want governments to stop the unwarranted restiction of freedom of expression online and to challenge internet companies - such as Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft - who cooperate with internet censorship.

On 6th June Amnesty and The Observer newspaper will use the internet to link activists from around the world to discuss the struggle against internet repression and to celebrate the irrepressible desire of people towards freedom of expression. The meeting will include participation from internet gurus, cyber dissidents as well as net activists, writers and journalists. Everyone will be able to participate to the debate online through a webcast on the day.

Go to their site now and sign the irrepressible pledge.
Could this be the reason why the WAG haven't named the upcoming Ministers on their Internet site?... for fear of persecution.
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