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Friday, May 11, 2007

Things can only get better

Plaid Cymru's troubles in North Wales get a bit of an airing today with newspapers picking up on the story in Golwg that activists there are thoroughly unhappy at the failure of Dafydd Wigley to get elected.

They have turned their ire on Janet Ryder, whose only crime it seems was to use the rules as they existed to get herself re-elected. What I am having difficulty working out is whether this minor uprising is aimed at getting rid of Janet Ryder as a North Wales AM, replacing Ieuan Wyn Jones as leader or both.
Replacing IWJ as leader? I am sure that he is the current leader, Peter! Do you mean Wigley?
Janet Ryder has merely taken part in the current Plaid system of electing AM's to the list. It seems unfair that she is being used in all of this- as I would have been had Dai lost. Totally unfair.
Yes, I got the clear impression from the article that those seeking to put Wigley in the Assembly wanted to replace Ieuan Wyn as leader by installing Wigley instead.

I concur on Janet Ryder. Although I do not agree with positive discrimination it seems to me that your party voted on the rules and have to live with them.
watch out peter it won't be long before they're plotting to get you out of your seat. do you trust number 2 on your list?
Fortunately I am not a member of Plaid Cymru.
Hmmm, I would think Ieuan is safe, since Plaid has not got an AM called Peter Black attempting to change the leadership.......
This is when blogging gets bad.
This rumour started out as just that, a rumour by some mischief maker who managed to get a blogger to believe it. Then it Spread.
I bow to your knowledge of the chronology of this story. I had the impression that it had started out in Golwg but they may well have picked it up off a blog I suppose.
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