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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fighting the BNP

Conservative MP, Charles Walker, has produced a report on the BNP in which he argues that the Conservative Party should treat them as a party of the left:

Politically the Conservative Party should not shy away from positioning the BNP as another Party of the left operating in an increasing crowded space populated by Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Respect and the Greens. All of these parties favour high-levels of state intervention, big government and top down problem solving. As the allocation of its few council seats suggests, the BNP is not the natural home of Conservative-minded voters and the party must work and campaign to ensure that this remains the case.

His ultimate conclusion that the BNP must be tackled by out-campaigning them and finding acceptable solutions to the issues they are misrepresenting on a regular basis is quite sensible, but 'party of the left'....?

Hat Tip: Conservative Home
According to this, it's not so daft as it sounds http://www.politicalcompass.org/extremeright

Left / right are not very useful terms in today's politics, IMHO
What I most object to is Walker's lumping is in with promoters of state intervention, big government and top-down problem-solving.

- Frank Little
So my mother-in-law is left wing now? As a fully signed up supporter of the hang 'em, flog 'em brigade, who thinks that we are over-run with assylum seekers, despite admitting that she has never actually seen one ! I'm sure she'll choke on her oat cakes when she hears that one.

Of course, Norman Tebbit tried to make out that the left have always been the cause of the worlds ills, and pointed out that the Nazis were National SOCIALISTS. But there wasn't much Socialist about them.

I think on the political compass (I was somewhere round Ghandi and Nelson Mandela - not bad company to keep) the BNP are right-wing and authoritarian.

For instance, they want to abolish income tax and stick it all on VAT. Not very progressive.
Left Field wrote: "For instance, they want to abolish income tax and stick it all on VAT. Not very progressive."

Duh! Isn't that what the Labour Party's being doing for 10 years? Like you said "not very progressive."
I disagree with Left-Field. Despite what my history teacher told me in school, the NSDAP did not include the word 'socialist' as a dirty trick to con The Working Classes. They included it because the Nazi programme was entirely socialist in inspiration and largely socialist in methodology and action.

Replacing 'class enemy' and 'class solidarity' with 'national/racial enemy' and 'national/racial solidarity' is a matter of semantics. Socialism in one country, you might say.

The Hegelian philosophical background, the prioritisation of political expediency, the suppression of liberty, the annihilation of the individual and the totalitarian worship of the state remain identical. As do the piles of resultant corpses.
They shouldn't be considered left or right, just fascist. They differ because whereas party's such as your are inclusive, they are exclusive.
They are undoubtedly an extreme right wing outfit but tend to attract disillusioned Labour voters - just look at constituencies like Barking. I think that was his point.
Well done Peter, for you have just closed Morriston Neurosurgery Unit.
I see you have got things completely out of perspective as usual Ian. For your information the vote to reject the deal was taken by the National Executive and I am not a member of that body. As Bethan Jenkins is also opposing the coalition will you be levying the same charge at her?

The argument over neurosurgery is separate and that fight is far from lost.
Not accepting new blogs? I wonder why that is??
Ahhhh, but is socialism left?
Wohhww. He really did, didn't he. He really compared the BNP to RESPECT and the Greens.
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