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Monday, May 07, 2007

The curse of Lembit

On Radio Wales just now Lembit Őpik unreservedly backed Mike German to stay Assembly Group leader and to negotiate a coalition deal.

Despite Eleanor Burnham's remarks on Saturday, he also said that no other senior Liberal Democrat had doubts about Mike's leadership. Not in public at least. In reality for the majority of the Assembly group it is just a matter of timing. Their disagreement with me is that I have gone public at this time, not with what I have said.

Lembit added that nobody else is putting up for leader. That could be because the National Executive has not yet set out a timetable. When they do (and they should do so quickly), then I believe that there will be a challenger.
I think alot of us are fed up to the back teeth with 'Mr. Celebrity'. He seems to be trying to carve a position for himself as being some kind of elder statesman of the Party without ever having done anything to merit anywhere near that. IMPO his position is something that needs to be discussed by the Lib Dems in Wales as to why we did not move forward in this election.

Everytime I see him on the tv, hear him on the radio or read about him in the newspaper I turn over, turn off or turn the page.
So what is the procedure for dumping Lembit?
Peter, I am of a different party and have no interest in Lib Dem success. But its obvious to me that you are right - and showing the sort of b***s that has been so badly missing in the insufferably careful politics of wales. Well done.
As ever, timing is everything. Don't you think you should have kept your powder dry? Kirsty and Eleanor were never going to back you in public and, if you read Betsan Powis blog, they are not doing it in private either.
Welsh democracy needs to continue to mature and grow. It will not do this if the Lib Dems decide to prop up a Labour party that clearly has been rejected by the Welsh electorate. What is now happening would be considered to be the norm in Europe. As Dafydd El has stated and he is right it would be good for the assembly as an institution if Labour formed a minority government. It would also be a good thing if that minority government lost a confidence vote and we had another election before 2011. The worst case scenario would be a Labour/ Lib dem coalition stitched together for the benefit of the Cardiff politcal elite and sniped at for the next four years by the Tories and Plaid. How would the Lib Dems defend this in 2011 let alone in next year's council elections?
Sounds like she's been nobbled. If Mike thinks riding out the storm and fighting against the majority opinion of ordinary members will ultimately get us PR, he's nuts!
you should resign.

Peter, you are the minority in your own party.

Putting your own career ahead of the party- you have made us look foolish.
It had to be said Peter. It's better for Plaid if German stays in post - but it would be a disaster for your party if you didn't renew.
Anonymous 1.09pm: I dont accept I am in a minority but if I am then as a Liberal Democrat it is a position I am used to. How you believe that this helps my career I do not know. If anything it damages my career.
It is Opik who must go - I've had enough of this publicity seeking media stunts and his political acumen is as near to nil as it gets.

Surely his position must be challenged.
I want Lembit to give his full support to the Lib-Dems who "run" Cardiff City Council. I am planning to run against a certain Cardiff Lib-Dem councillor come 2008 ... !!! No prizes for guessing who.
Does that mean that hooking up with the sister is out of the question then?
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