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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Compare and contrast

From the BBC on Saturday 5 May 2007:

Asked if she had confidence in Mr German, Ms Burnham replied: "We have to discuss that today".

Pressed on the issue, she said: "We have to do better than last time, when people like myself didn't have the opportunity to express a view".

From the BBC today:

Ms Burnham said Mr Black should not be raising the leadership issue.

"I think Peter Black is being irresponsible," she said. "He's in a minority, I assure you.

Since I am not an A.M., I trust that I may not be held to be irresponsible in agreeing that it is time for a change.

- Frank Little
In a small company that I used to work for, we were one day muttering about pay and conditions, and I asked why no one had spoken to the owner. My colleague told me that one year he had. Everyone had agreed to some reasonable requests and so he had approached the boss. The boss wasn't best pleased and asked each of the 15 employees individually how they felt about things. Every single person said they were happy.

It sounds like you have been similarly dropped in it.

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