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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Clubbing in Newtown

According to Golwg, Lembit Őpik has one more thing to worry about. The 10th May edition of the magazine conducts an interview with stand-up comic Myfanwy Alexander, who also happens to be the sister of Plaid AM, Helen Mary Jones and lives in Montgomeryshire.

Ms. Alexander relies on local gossip to feed her act, so much so that she even sends her children out to get her anecdotes:

She has asked her eldest girls to bring back stories about the local celebrities.

"At the moment they are keeping an eye out for Lembit Őpik. I get to know what he is doing in the clubs in Newtown without having to go myself."

Is nowhere safe?
I am amazed no one has set up a website following his 'media' appearances called www.wheresopik.com - actually, we have been thinking of doing that ourselves.

It is time for serious politicans with serious political objectives and serious ideas about how to bring those objectives about.
She'll be sending them to The Lion in Berriew next to check up on what Glyn Davies is doing in retirement next. I don't think they Rave there though.
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