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Saturday, May 19, 2007

A bridge too far

Wales' 'National' paper has pages and pages on the proposed rainbow coalition this morning. So much so that Professor Peter Stead on Good Morning Wales described it as 'possibly the most interesting edition of the Western Mail ever.'

Alas, Britain's foremost newspaper of the left, the Guardian, cannot bring itself to print a single word on the subject, not that I can find anyway. Presumably, somebody has taken their atlas home for the weekend.
Nor the Telegraph - on first look through it. I just don't think they believe it yet.
BBC Radio 4 has given it good coverage, though.

Talking about atlases, at least one sports correspondent, referring to Glamorgan's record-breaking James Harris, cannot distinguish between Pontarddulais and Swansea.
Is 'The Guardian' still counted as being on the Left? Encouraging Hizb Ut-Tahrir is about as 'Left' as finding that Mr Mosely terribly charming.

Far too much politics on this blog recently.
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