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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Breaking purdah

The one unbreakable rule of government is that whoever is in power should not abuse their position by making announcements in an election period that might give them some electoral advantage. It was with astonishment therefore that I heard on the radio this morning that the health minister had announced another £2m for the Children's Hospital for Wales.

Brian Gibbons tells us that the decision was taken at the end of March, as one of his last acts as health minister before Thursday's assembly poll was called. He said he had kept it secret to avoid charges of making political capital. I am not sure therefore how telling us about it two days before the election is somehow not 'making political capital.'

Jenny Randerson is quite right to complain to the Permanent Secretary about a potential breach of the ministerial code. There can be no justification for the way that the health minister has handled this issue. This is cynicism made into an art form.
Hmmm Smear story on Ali in Wales on Sunday now the extra funding for a CARDIFF based hospital.. could it be that the party majority is not the only one Rhodri is worried about loosing on Thursday :-)
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