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Monday, May 07, 2007

Another voice

Swansea Council leader Chris Holley has now publicly added his voice to those opposing a coalition with Labour. In tonight's South Wales Evening Post he has openly condemned the prospect of keeping Rhodri Morgan's party in power:

Councillor Holley said: "Wales has said it doesn't want a Labour Government. I don't think it's right, when we are fighting Labour locally and nationally, that we should hold them up."

Leaders of Liberal Democrat-led councils in Cardiff, Wrexham and Bridgend are all said to be against a Lib-Lab deal in the Assembly.

Councillor Holley, who heads a Liberal Democrat-led coalition on Swansea Council, which usurped Labour, said: "I think the Labour Party need to realise that nationally and locally they have not listened to the public.

"Throughout the UK they have taken a hiding.

"Their arrogance is unbounding and they are telling Wales that they want to stay in charge.

"If Plaid Cymru or the Conservatives want to have an election pact with them, fine, but I think all the other parties will find it difficult to support a Labour administration that is clearly the largest party in the Assembly, but the public don't want."

Bridgend Council Leader, Cheryl Green, spoke out against the deal on Saturday, whilst yesterday Cardiff Council Leader Rodney Berman, described a Lib-Lab coalition as he least favoured option. If there is a deal it will face very stiff opposition indeed at a special conference.

Just wanted to say that it's good you felt able to speak out on this issue.

We need more principled politicians like yourself.

There can be little doubt that entering coalition with Labour is unpopular and unnecessary.

Let's hope common sense prevails.
It is said that Labour were rejected by the electorate, and I have no Political axe to grind here, but didn't they get more votes than any other party?

It could be argued that the Lib Dems aren't the party of choice of the people of Swansea, but you Mr Black are still happy to govern, unforgivably giving the Conservatives power until their recent withdrawl.
I've spoken with many in Swansea over the past few days who voted Lib Dem last Thursday. People from all backgrounds, all professions, all just decent, ordinary hard-working people, some with families, some single, some with elderly relatives, some elderly themselves, all of whom are disgusted at the thought that their Lib Dem vote may now be used to keep a Cardiff-centric Labour party in power.

People in Swansea voted AGAINST Labour when they voted for the Lib Dems.

They did so because of the run-down of our city in the past decade and because of the plans by the Cardiff Labour Taffia to shut down West Wales hospitals and move life-saving units to Cardiff!

I will say it again as simply as I can - Swansea people voted against Labour, be it for the Lib Dems, Plaid or whoever, because of what Labour have been doing to our city and the continued threat to our hospitals here in Swansea and further West.

If Lembik, Mike and others think that 'power' in Cardiff is now all important I can only assume they are putting their own egoes, salaries and ambitions before the people who actually voted Lib Dem.

It is not an understatement to say that a decision now to prop up the Cardiff Labour 'Taffia' will not only result in a thrashing for Swansea Lid Dem candidates in future elections but, as some here in the City are already talking, perhaps it is time for a new movement within the Welsh Lib Dems - be that a removal of a self-serving publicity seeking generation, be that a split to a separate Lib Dem party that actually reflects the peoples of Swansea and West Wales - that is dynamic, that is actually interested in winning and not obsessed with being a poodle of rhodri or about how many tv quiz shows we can appear on.

Aye, there has been much talking in Swansea these past few days.
If the Lib Dems want to be a party of oppisition, then that is their own problem, the fact is that the Lib Dems are showing themselves up by all this in-fighting and are showing they are unfit for government, the sooner the Lib Dems grow up, stop this in-fighting and decides if it is a party of the centre-left with Labour and Plaid, or the centre-right with the Tories, the better it will be for the Lib Dems.
Perhaps Cllr Holley can better spend his time by addressing the problem of the Bendy Bus. Fancy ripping up most of Swansea for one bus on one route that nobody wants. What Swansea needs is a new bus station.
As anon says above, the Lib Dems are in no position to say that the electorate 'don't want Labour'. By that logic, they really don't want Plaid, really really don't want the Tories, and really really really don't want the LibDems.

The Assembly's electoral system makes it virtually impossible for one party to win a majority. The LibDems, as supporters of PR, obviously know this. Why then do they feel the need to berate Labour for failing to win a majority? Parties don't win majorities under AMS.
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