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Sunday, May 13, 2007

And then there were two

Because of the confidentiality of the meetings I have been involved in over the last week I have been unable to report on the attitude of other Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Members to coalition and in particular to doing a formal deal with Labour. However, Mick Bates has come to my rescue this morning by illustrating that I am by no means a lone voice in the group on this issue.

He has told the Politics Show that a coalition with Labour would be "a non-starter". Mick believes that Labour should remain in a minority assembly government and that this arrangement should be bound by a policy agreement signed by all four main parties. Whether that proves to be possible we will have to see but the same report indicates that the Labour Party are moving down this road as well.

Having insulted all of their potential allies, Labour are now facing up to the prospect that they may have to go it alone. They have met a New Zealand minister to hear how parties there cooperate to bring about stable government. What is not clear is whether this option is still available to them. We will know in a few days time.
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