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Friday, April 27, 2007

An unlikely alliance

The Tories must be feeling pretty sore today. Two opinion polls, for HTV and the Western Mail, have shown their vote falling back and then to top it all one of their MPs suggests that they should go into coalition with Labour.

Monmouth MP David Davies, who has been an AM for eight years and won the parliamentary seat in the general election two years ago, told the Western Mail that based on their current political standpoints, the Tories and Labour were probably better suited to a coalition:

“If you were a student of politics who has arrived in this country and merely looked at what the political parties stood for, you might be forgiven for coming to that conclusion. It’s obviously not going to happen because there is no way the Conservative and Labour parties could ever work with each other.

“And yet they are closer together than the Conservative Party and the Welsh Nationalist Party or the Conservative Party and the Independents like John Marek and Trish Law who are basically very old-Labour socialists.”

Nick Bourne and Glyn Davies will be tearing their hair out.
I will be as bald as an egg by the time this campaign is over.
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