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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tory dirty tricks

The other parties just love to accuse the Welsh Liberal Democrats of dirty tricks, even when it is not justified and that is what Glyn Davies has done today.

He has reproduced on his blog the photo on the left taken from Welsh Liberal Democrat campaign literature and made the ludicrous claim that it has been doctored so as to remove the Tory candidate from the picture.

I have enlarged the part of the photograph containing Lembit Őpik and Mick Bates below. Tory candidate Dan Mumford's feet can
be seen behind those of Mick Bates' but I can see no evidence of the photo having been doctored nor the 'blue pixel residue' and yellow 'bleed' into Mick's collar that Glyn alleges is there. Indeed from the way that Dan Mumford's feet are arranged it is clear that in this shot his body and head are fully obscured by Mick. He is in his rightful place, behind the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

Perhaps Glyn Davies should be a bit more circumspect in future before throwing allegations around. He will know that accusing your opponents of cheating is the worst kind of dirty trick and sometimes the most effective one. We only have to look at Richard Nixon to see how effective.

Update: As if to confirm that the photograph has not been doctored a comment on Glyn Davies' blog tells us that it is identical to the one on the official UNISON/Hospital Calendar. Time for an apology I think Glyn.
The proof that it hasn't been doctored is simple: who could have doctored this picture and resisted the temptation to remove Lembit's face?
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