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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tale of the over-sensitive

In this morning's Western Mail, Plaid Cymru illustrate perfectly why discussing the make-up and terms of any future coalition before the voters have given their verdict on the parties is a very bad idea indeed. Labour and the other parties will be jumping up and down with glee.

Ieuan Wyn Jones' dramatic offer to hold talks with Labour to stop any prospect of the Conservatives entering government in Wales is a demonstration of hubris that his Parliamentary equivalent, Elfyn Llwyd, would be hard-pressed to match.

Ieuan is not just making assumptions about how people will vote but is telling voters that views do not matter. He is, in effect, telling his electors that however they vote on 3rd May, there is only one realistic outcome, a Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition. I predict that they will not be amused.

The bonus for us is that Plaid have allowed themselves to be blown off their own agenda by Labour's taunts. Labour have the nationalists in a corner where they want them and they will not let them escape very easily.
I suspect you are a bit upset, because no-one is talking about you.

By the way, your inexperienced Swansea West candidate would be wise to walk a path of purity, before choosing to have a personal dig at me on one of his leaflets.

Oh well, it's the only way to learn I suppose.
More wishful thinking Ian?
while we are talking about leaflets, I want to note that I think its totally hypocritical of you to take our Ogmore leaflet apart when you are using personal attacks on Plaid in your literature, and using information which is factually untrue.
Meanwhile back in the real world the voters enjoy the sun and ignore the election. Isn't it time that everyone grew up and worried about the fact that more than half the Welsh electorate will not even bother to vote. All the leaflets I have received have been misleading and in many ways negative. All four party leaders are not ideal first minister material. After the election serious politicians in all parties should be debating how to raise the credibility of the assembly in the eyes of the Welsh people. In the case of Plaid a start could be made by bringing Adam Price back to Wales. Price is one of the few young Welsh politicians with ability and presence. His involvement in the assembly would act as a catalyst on the other parties for change. Peter you should get rid of German. He has too much baggage from the past and is past his sell by date. You need to jump a generation to Kirsty. The Tories also need to drop Bourne who is not in touch with ordinary voter. As for Labour what is the point of another 2 years of Rhodri's lazy and indecisive leadership. All of you need to stop this consensus nonsense and offer the Welsh people a clear vision of the future.
Blogging sometimes reminds me of the old CB radios: a couple of sad anoraks sitting in their bedrooms ralking to each other late into the night
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