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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Super hero?

Like a tentative super hero, Brian Gibbons has transformed himself into Buttonman and is striding around Wales saving hospitals from the ravages of evil bureaucrats.

In his normal guise as a mild mannered Health Minister, Brian has consistently told Assembly Members that he is powerless to act. Hospitals and key services are at the mercy of Local Health Boards and the Trusts. It is their job to decide what survives and what does not, he has told us day in, day out in the Senedd. However, come the stroke of noon on April 4th, he pulls on his mask and a major transformation takes place.

Now, Buttonman is able to reassure us that Llandudno Hospital is safe, giving comfort and solace to distressed damsel, Denise Idris Jones. He has also flown to the aid of 'preachy' Jane Davidson and assured the future of the Royal Glamorgan Hospital.

Meanwhile we wait in Swansea and West Wales with bated breath. Will he also rescue Adult Neurosurgery from the clutches of evil Cardiffians? Will he pass a reprieve for Fairwood Hospital and Ward One of Hill House Hospital? Can Val Lloyd, Edwina Hart and Andrew Davies count on Buttonman to save them from oblivion? Watch this space for the next exciting episode.

Disclaimer: This post was written rather early in the morning. It could well be changed substantially when I wake up. Elections do strange things to you!
The Minister got his officials to intervene in Powys a few weeks ago, pressing the Local Health Board to postpone the closure of 4 Community Hospitals until after the Assembly Election. But I do not think these sort of cynical tactics fool anyone and will make little or no difference to voting intentions. People are not that daft.
Has he reached Llanelwedd yet?
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