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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The sun returns

As pleasant as it is campaigning in the sun the fact remains that I am incapable of getting a tan. Instead I have to wear long sleeved tops and collars that protect my neck in case I turn too red and burn.

Nevertheless, it was a surprise this morning when I joined Dai Lloyd, Tamsin Dunwoody and Mark Isherwood in a Wales Video Network debate in front of students on four or five different sites around the Country, to see myself reflected back on the TV screen as bright orange. For a moment I thought I had been cursed by Captain Beany, however an adjustment of the colour contrast soon put things right.

The video conference debate was a technological triumph. The WVN managed to join up eight different sites, with myself and Dai in Swansea, Tamsin in Pembrokeshire, Mark in Denbigh and the chair in Aberystwyth. Students participated from Bridgend, Ebbw Vale, Pembrokeshire, Wrexham and Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen. It was a very positive experience and an example of how the technology can work sometimes despite experiences to the contrary.

As I left, disaster struck, one of my key leafletters texted to say he was in Accident and Emergency with a strained ankle. He apparently fell off a step in Caemawr Road, Morriston and is now out of the campaign for the duration. Fortunately, I was able to draft in replacements but it means a bit more exposure to the sun for all of us over the next six days.
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