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Monday, April 30, 2007

Putting the BNP in their place

Chief Constable, Richard Brunstrom, has many detractors but for all his faults, he knows how to put the BNP in their place. His letter was written after a member of the BNP openly challenged his decision to investigate a serving Police Officer for endorsing a BNP Council candidate in Mold.

His conclusion is quite forceful:

You suggest that I may be concerned about being held to account by a BNP led local Council or Welsh Assembly. You are right – I am, but I assure you that I have not yet had cause to lose a moment’s sleep worrying about this prospect.

You also write about ‘so called positive discrimination’ … ‘advocated by a very misguided Lord Scarman’. It would appear that you have never read ‘The Scarman Report: The Brixton Disorders (1981)’. I can only suggest that you visit your local library and borrow the report before misrepresenting his views again. You may also wish to undertake some training so that you can understand the difference between positive action (both legal and desirable) and positive discrimination, which is neither.

To remove any remaining scintilla of doubt let me formally endorse the views of the Association of Chief Police Officers of England Wales and Northern Ireland, which in July 2004 unequivocally stated that ‘police officers and staff should face dismissal if they join the BNP’. Membership of, or support for, the BNP is completely incompatible with the honour of holding the Office of Constable.

In this instance, I am sure the Chief Constable has the support of all mainstream parties.

Hat-tip: UK Daily Pundit
Of course he has the support of all "mainstream" parties because he forms part of the gang dedicated to the Status Quo, much like the Lib Dems?

It is irrelevant what you and I think however as the people of Wales will decide if the "one world no borders" suits them nicely on May 3rd.
I think he's a breath of fresh air. He doesn't give a stuff about positioning himself according to prevailing wind, he just speak his mind. I don't always agree with him but for a democracy to be healthy you need serious people to be able to question assumptions and challenge the status quo. I think he's overstepped the mark on showing a photo of a headless man without his family's blessing, and probably should be censured. But overall he's 'a good thing' in my view.
Brunstrom is treading an increasingly fine line between speaking his mind and encroaching into the world of politics. It is not that I always disagree with him, but I find it wholly inapropriate for a serving Chief Constable to be as overtly political as he is.

He excels at self-publicity, so perhaps an eventual career in politics is more than appropriate? I already refer to him as the unoficcial AM for North Wales.
I agree with amanwy. Richard Brunstom is a good cop - but he was out of order with his use of graphic photographs of a dead young man without the parent's permission. In fact, I still feel so angry about this that I am going to post on it myself. This was a great post though. Redeemed the Chief Constable in my eyes.
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