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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nostalgia unlimited

It has been a good week for nostalgia. Firstly, we had the last episode ever of Life on Mars complete with some great 1980s tunes and a classic Ford Cortina and today we have Tony Blair and Tamsin Dunwoody on the front page of the Western Mail trying to imitate Daniel Craig in oversize lifejackets on a boat in Milford Haven Harbour.

However, what has topped all of this is the news in today's Guardian that Cheetah, the original chimpanzee star of the Tarzan movies, is still alive and 75 years old this week. Cheetah is living a sugar-free existence in his retirement home in Palm Springs, California and according to the Guiness Book of Records is the world's oldest primate. Outstanding!
> the world's oldest primate.
Even older than Rowan Williams!
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