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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Midwich Cuckoo

I don't normally like to intrude on private grief but as it is the Tories I will make an exception. Rod Richards in this week's Golwg demonstrates just how deep the animosity is between him and his successor as Tory Assembly Leader, Nick Bourne. Sanddef has a translation of the full article on his blog but the highlight is here:

In 1995, Paul Flynn MP (Newport West) said that the Midwich Cuckoos had possessed the Labour Party. He was refering to "New Labour" and its army of political footsoldiers who were creating a world that he neither understood nor liked. Paul Flynn has stuck by his original opinion.

Nobody could describe Rhodri Morgan as a cuckoo, nor Ieuan Wyn Jones either. But Nick Bourne is a cuckoo - the unelected leader of the Tories in the Assembly.He came into the limelight in the Conservative Party under the patronage of another cuckoo - William Hague MP. The fact that Bourne is an Englishman has no relevance.

What is relevant is the fact that years of his history are a mystery. Where was he? What was he doing during those years? Why was Hague so determined to promote his career? By now Bourne is laying eggs in the Green Party's nest, in Plaid Cymru's nest and indeed in any other place where someone is ready to raise his chicks. There is no nest he is not ready to make a home in.

Like every cuckoo Bourne has questions to answer before he can con his way into Welsh government.

It seems that it is not just the South Wales East Tories that Nick Bourne has to watch his back with these days.
if the tories dont do as well as they should will bourne put himself up for election cos he never won an election yet and he wouldnt win that one either
I dont get it - is Richards trying to say that Bourne is beholden to Hague? Why?
I might be reading between the lines but Richards seems to be trying to imply there's something whiffy about that relationship.

and the comment about "watching your back" could be interpreted as homophobic too...
the column seems to be cut short. Maybe someone should interview Mr Richards
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