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Monday, April 30, 2007

Looking after the clerics

One of the problems with producing lots of election literature is that the pressure we are under to meet deadlines and the limited time available to check it means that the number of typos and mistakes increase. I know, I have already been the victim of one howler as described by Matt Withers here. And it was my fault for not checking properly.

My favourite mistake however came in an Independent candidate's leaflet which popped through my door this morning. Amongst a lot of high-minded stuff about listening to local people and working in partnership there comes the pledge to provide 'support for the venerable and those with disabilities.' Later on he repeats the promise by telling us he wants to make sure that 'our communities are safe, for our elderly, disabled, the venerable and also our children.'

I am sure that the Archbishop will be gratified to receive such special attention.
Holding a pubic meeting has been known to happen, along with 'my community needs extra funding, because it is so depraved.'
Personally I enjoyed the City Council minute of about ten years ago that talked about charges for emptying sceptic tanks.
The 'Somebodywithaverylongname' quote appeared in Golwg a fortnight ago, I believe. In that case, it was referring to a quote in Welsh that appeared in a South Wales Central regional leaflet.

Is this the same member of the Liberal Democrats in a different region?
Not to be nit picking Peter! That would be the archdeacon! He's Venerable! The "Arch" is "Grace" :)
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