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Friday, April 20, 2007

Greener than green

An e-mail arrives from a well-wisher. He is unhappy with the way that his local Green Party candidate is campaigning:

All the parties must of course canvass for elections which includes house to house leaflet distribution. Most of the main parties therefore have posted 1 general leaflet and 1 local candidate leaflet but the GREEN PARTY committed to saving resources have just posted 5 identical individual leaflets to the eligible voting family members at my address, multiply this with each household and the waste of time and material is unacceptable. I dread to think what's coming next from them.

Remember to recycle those election leaflets.
Our house has so far had five Royal Mail delivered leaflets from the Lib Dems. These were different leaflets, individualy addressed, but not targeted at their recipeients, just random stuff.Enviromentally is that any different?
How, in Ceredigion, do you justify supposed "regional" leaflets that don't include pictures of the regional candidates but have multiple pictures of Mark Williams MP. The Lib Dems should be the last people to complain about abuse of the royal mail drops.
You are sensitive aren't you? I am not complaining about the Green's dropping five identical leaflets nor am I alleging abuse of the Royal Mail drops. What I am doing is reporting comments of a constituent. If I was to make a comment at all it is that the Greens are wasting an opportunity by sending individually addressed identical leaflets to the same household.
Peter, don't you always love the bravery of the anonymous poster. He/she acts all tough in their comments, but hides behind the tad "anonymous".

I actually think there is a difference between delivering the say leaflet five times and delivering five separate leaflets. At least they five are different and have some intrinsic extra added value for being different.
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