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Monday, April 02, 2007

Cuckoo in the nest

Like spotting the first cuckoo of spring, this morning's Western Mail carries the earliest known coalition government story of the Assembly elections. Quoting their source as anonymous second hand gossip at a party, the paper alleges that talks are already underway between the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Labour.

This is complete nonsense of course. There is absolutely nothing to be gained for the Welsh Liberal Democrats in pre-empting the verdict of voters on 3rd May. For a start we expect to be in a stronger negotiating position by virtue of having many more seats. There are some who are even expecting us to be the second-largest party.

Secondly, if there are negotiations after the elections then I would expect them to follow last time's pattern, irrespective of who is involved in such talks. That means that who sits where in the cabinet would be the very last thing that is talked about. The first priority would be to get the policy agreement right and remember, in the Welsh Liberal Democrats case, we have to persuade our members to support whatever is agreed at a special conference before anybody is able to sign a partnership agreement.

Unfortunately, in the absence of any real policy debate at this stage of the campaign all of the press are having to resort to such stories to fill their pages. In many ways it is the most interesting thing about the election. However, such pieces are at best speculation based on wishful-thinking, at worst mischief-making.

How the Western Mail must wish it published on 1 April this year. Why else would they be forced to re-print April Fool jokes the day after?
"There are some who believe we could be the second largest party" go on peter tell us who!
Like the Western Mail my sources are confidential. It was not a member of Plaid Cymru. It is a sign of how upbeat the party is about our prospects however.
I can't see from where the Lib Dem gains could come. Although I will be happy to eat my words on 4th May if I'm wrong.

I think the only likely pickup for the Lib Dems is Ceredigion. That would hopefully give the last list seat to Plaid and thus the Tories would lose a seat.

Based on the General Election, Swansea West is also a possible, but that may deprive us of yourself and I'm not sure the good students of Swansea are any more politicised than in 2005.
There are some who are even expecting us to be the second-largest party.

And there are some who think the moon is made of cheese...
Let's see what the first opinion poll for HTV will say on Thursday. I've just my first Lib Dem assembly leaflet which included a photo of Bush and Blair. Could tell us all what this has got to do with the assembly election?
Peter, Im looking for a copy of the Lib Dems' manifesto, could you point out to me where i can download a copy of it from the lib dem website please, because i can't for the life of me find it.

many thanks

Taffia Don
Patience. It is being published after Easter.
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