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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blair to go - shock!

Is there anything new to write about Tony Blair's departure? In the absence of a definitive date from the man himself, I think not. The Guardian however, believe that they know what is going to happen. They report this morning that the Prime Minister is likely to announce his departure on May 9 or 10, a few days after the end of his last election campaign.

What is new is that Blair intends to devote most of his attention in his last few weeks to Scotland, where the Scottish Nationalist party is ahead in the polls and on current projections will become the largest party in the Edinburgh parliament. He plans at least three visits. This is a huge gamble but one that the Prime Minister believes is worth taking. After all Labour need to inject some charisma into their lacklustre campaign north of the border.

There is no indication as to whether Blair will be campaigning in Wales or indeed, if he will be welcome here. Rhodri Morgan has done everything he can to try and distance himself from the disastrous and unpopular policies of the UK Labour Government. I am sure that he will not want the Prime Minister tramping around the Welsh valleys undoing all of that work.
I'm sure the SNP can't wait: each of his visits has to be worth another seat.
Blair is due in Wales next Wednesday to give the Callaghan lecture. I'm sure that he will also do some campaigning. What is amusing about this is that given the price of the tickets for the event most of those listening to the great leader are probably Tories.It seems that all of this is in aid of a statue of Gentleman Jim. Surely the gang who sponsored old Callaghan throughout his life could find the £350k without the indignity of fund raising noshups.
According to Labour Home he's to resign on the 4th.
Did not Callaghan say that he did not think that Blair was "not a Labour man" ?
> the Scottish Nationalist party is
>ahead in the polls and on current
>projections will become the
>largest party in the Edinburgh
Why do you believe these opinion polls, rather than our own people in Scotland?

I would put the Scottish opinion polls in the same category as the London ones which show David Cameron as the prime minister after the next general election.
My reporting of the fact does not indicate that I believe it.
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