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Friday, March 09, 2007

Man in blue

Tory AM and MP for Monmouthshire, David Davies, likes to dress up in uniform. He is a former member of the Territorial Army and now he is flirting with the Police.

His latest adventure, he told us in the chamber on Wednesday, is to sign up as a special constable with the British Transport Police. This was confirmed in the Western Mail, who informed us that he will gain a valuable insight into fighting crime by doing one or two eight-hour shifts a month.

This is all very well, but does he have to boast about it in such graphic terms:

David Davies: I am grateful. I declare an interest as a warranted special constable, and as someone who is trained to use an extendable baton— [Laughter.]

The Presiding Officer: Order. I cannot hear what the special constable is saying. [Laughter.]

David Davies: There is a serious point here; it is not a double entendre, tempting though it is to go down that path. A taser gun is actually far less dangerous for the police officer and the person on whom it is used than the extendable iron baton that all police officers carry.

Labour AM, Ann Jones was not amused. She told David where to put his extendable baton. Next time David wear the uniform. You may well get a better reception.
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