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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Taking advantage of a break in the Welsh Liberal Democrat Conference I find, via Liberal England, that a group called "The Strange Death of Liberal England" is playing Cardiff Barfly on Tuesday.

I am sure that the name of this band has more to do with George Dangerfield's book than with the possible fate of Jonathan Calder's blog, but it is fascinating nevertheless. Should we form a group called the inevitable rebirth of Liberal Wales?
No cos Lembit would insist on the harmonica :)
The Ravens have taken off from the Tower of London and landed on Mings' house.

Meanwhile ...

Scientits have discovered a metaphysical reason why Liberal Democrats, with one or two notable exceptions, are cleverer than door mice. It’s all to do with mitochondria – Liberal Democrats have more of them in their brains. “This means”, said a scientist, “Liberal Democrats burn brighter when set on fire”. Well, there you have it, don’t light a match near a Liberal Democrat – you could literally set the "World on Fire" - apparently the actor who played the lead role in "Man on Fire" is a closet Liberal Democrat.
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