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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chinese whispers

For some reason Ellee Seymour's blog is banned in China but according to this test (and my statistics) mine is not. According to the Guardian the Chinese authorities will ban the opening of new internet cafes from this July in a government campaign to clamp down on online addiction and juvenile crime.

I am not sure whether to be offended that my views are not considered subversive enough to be outlawed, or pleased that I have somehow slipped through the net and can continue to influence Chinese youth with my ramblings on such diverse and esoteric topics as the Cheeky Girls and Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy.
Forget China. You should be banned in Britain!

Might as well ramble on about something stupid - there is hardly any honest hot debate going on. Politics have, in the words of another, become "grey".
Taffiadon.blogspot.com is blocked apparently.

A welsh nationalist/separatist blog is banned in China. Makes no sense.

Unless they think... I can't finish that sentence.

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