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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Women in politics

It is sometimes surprising what arrives in the mail at an AMs office. Normally, it is correspondence relating to constituent's problems, invitations and a whole host of books and reports. There is not enough hours in the day to read all of these so we have to be very selective. Today, however, there was something, a 2007 ELDR Calendar themed around 'Successful Liberal Women' and containing pictures of twelve female Liberal MEPs from all around Europe.

I am sure that it was a good idea at the time but in the cold light of day it was just bizarre. Somehow, having a different Liberal MEP as a monthly pin-up did not appeal to me.
I'm sure it's much better than the calander that had a completely starkers Rhodri Glyn Thomas as a pin-up. It raised some money for charity. I know it just doesn't bear thinking about. I paid for one - on condition that it was destroyed.
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